Fort Wayne Family Reunion

On May 27, I traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana to celebrate the marriage of my dear friend, colleague, and soul sister Maureen to her beloved John. Adding to the delight of this occasion is that I shared an adorably charming Air BnB with two of my other soul sisters, Jessica and Gracie, giving us ample time to lol around in our jammies, drink tea under blankets, have endless talks about life and work, and pull the occasional oracle card.

How do I know these beautiful people, you ask? I met them through work!

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What can I say? 2019 was a damn good year! When I reflect back on the highlights and milestones, I’m kinda blown away by all that transpired, and how many cool, loving, and transformative experiences I had this year. 

Some of the highlights, in mostly chronological order…

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Full Moon Yoga

All of the full moons I’ve experienced in West Palm Beach have been epically beautiful! A giant spotlight in a crystal clear sky, or just the right amount of cloud to make it haunting. And the warm weather makes it so easy to enjoy. 

Last night’s full moon in Sagittarius was no exception. In my quest to explore my new city as much as possible, I took a chance on a full moon yoga class at The Hilton, West Palm Beach.