Full Moon Yoga

All of the full moons I’ve experienced in West Palm Beach have been epically beautiful! A giant spotlight in a crystal clear sky, or just the right amount of cloud to make it haunting. And the warm weather makes it so easy to enjoy. 

Last night’s full moon in Sagittarius was no exception. In my quest to explore my new city as much as possible, I took a chance on a full moon yoga class at The Hilton, West Palm Beach. 

I’m a self-proclaimed yoga snob and judgmental yoga student. I’ve been practicing for 18 years, and for 8 of those years I was a yoga teacher. So quite honestly, most yoga classes I don’t enjoy.

Not the case last night. I enjoyed it thoroughly! A gentle Yin class, expertly led by @yogabyshelly, accompanied by crystal singing bowls, under the moon light. They managed to keep us in a trance despite being on the grass right off a busy street, and by the end my body and mind felt like I’d been immersed in deep meditation. 

At the beginning of class, Shelly asked us to set an intention. Mine was to commune with the moon, and receive whatever it is I needed to in that moment. By the end of class, I felt empowered and clear regarding a situation that was plaguing me all day. Not a coincidence!


As an added bonus, I got to meet one of my colleagues! The company I work for is entirely distributed, meaning we all “work from home” all over the world. Susan, a fellow Happiness Engineer, lives in Lake Worth and met me for yoga last night. So sweet to connect with her and set up some coworking dates for the future. 

Full moons are meant to shine a light on what needs to be revealed. What did this full moon reveal to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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