The Joy of Making Art

Good things happen when you leave the house.

I stole this mantra from someone at an Al-Anon meeting in New Orleans. I work from home, and I also love being at home. Don’t get me wrong, I also love being social. I’m basically a 50/50 split of introvert and extrovert. But because I spend so much time at home, I find I need to be much more conscious and deliberate about making plans in order to ensure that I get out of the house and interact with humans in real life.

So one of the tactics I’ve employed for both getting out of the house and getting to know my new community is to take classes! My first class: Layers of Collage at The Armory Art Center.

Here’s the cool thing about taking classes. Not only do I get out of the house and get to be around new people I might not otherwise get to meet, I also invest time and money in a hobby that I might not otherwise pursue in my own “spare time.” It’s just too easy to get caught up in the chores and tasks of day-to-day life and ignore the creative pursuits that make you feel so good, so alive.


I always loved making art. I did it constantly as a little girl, took it all through school and university, then basically dropped it after graduation when full time working life began. I think about it all the time, yet rarely put pencil to paper or brush to canvas. I’m not sure why it took me so long to enroll in a class because I know how effective that is for getting me to follow through on something.

So far I’m loving it! The class is 2 hours every Tuesday evening, and it’s basically free time to create as we desire. My teacher, Maxwell Mittman, provides the perfect amount of guidance then sets us free to experiment, make ugly things and beautiful mistakes. It’s just the outlet I need right now and I love it.

This past weekend was a tough one for me. Heartache accompanied by loneliness and severe thunder storms kept me locked away inside my apartment. But because of class, art was at the top of my mind and the tip of my fingertips. I pulled out my supplies and put brush to paper, with no intention other than to paint my feelings. It was nothing short of transformative. Within an hour, I felt relieved, energized, and freed of the burden of sadness.

Are there any classes that you take that light up your creativity and life your spirit? Please share in the comments.


  1. @mymercurialnature · May 31, 2019

    Taking classes is such a good idea! I have to do the same. Between homeschooling and working from home, it is so important to remember to get out and mingle! 🙂 Lovely art pieces!

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    • Sasha Marie Stone · June 2, 2019

      Thank you! Taking classes is really the only way I do it. Lately I’ve been remarking to myself at how much I’ll hustle to get out the door in time when I have a class to get to, vs if I have the whole evening to myself to work on something.


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